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Valence Technology (VLNC) Scores Supply Contract From OxygenSpA

Valence Technology just announced that it has signed a supply agreement OxygenSpA, a company from Italy that makes light electric vehicles, such as electric scooters. Under the terms of the three year supply agreement, Valence will supply OxygenSpA with batteries to power its electric CargoScooters, which are used by postal delivery personnel in several European countries and may soon be available here in the States.

In a press release, leaders from both countries commented on … Read the rest

MEMC Electronic Materials (WFR) Changes Its Agreement With Suntech Power (STP)

StreetInsider.com reports that MEMC Electronic Materials has amended its supply agreement from July 25, 2006 with Suntech Power. Under the agreement, MEMC Electronic Materials agreed to sell silicon wafers to Suntech for a period of 10 years. The change to the agreement does not alter the aggregate revenues for sales at all. Rather, MEMC has agreed to a volume increase for this year’s sales and a price reduction. … Read the rest

China Sunergy (CSUN) Signs Deal With Ajit Solar

China Sunergy just announced a one-year agreement to supply India-based Ajit Solar with 2MW of multi-crystalline solar cells. Under the terms of the agreement, China Sunergy will deliver the solar cells in 2 installments, with a 5 MW delivery expected in the 1st half of the year and 7 MW expected in the second half.

China Sunergy’s CEO, Dr Allen Wang, commented on the agreement:

"Our partnership with Ajit Solar marks a significant step for

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