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Raser Technologies (RZ) Makes Debt Payment, Considers Selling Interest In Thermo 1

Raser Technologies (RZ) has agreed to pay $27 million to the lender that provided the financing for the Thermo 1 geothermal power plant right away along with another $6 million within the next year.  In exchange, the lender will waive compliance with applicable debt related covenants and obligations for the next year.

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As part of the process to establish the value of the company portfolio, Raser … Read the rest

Raser Technologies (RZ) Thermo Project Given More Time To Complete

Raser Technologies (RZ) has reached an agreement with its financing parties which allows the company another 10 days to complete the Thermo 1 project at which time Raser expects to provide an update on progress including final payment arrangements from the funds it received from US Treasury.

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“This extension will give us time to work with our project financing partners in evaluating the performance of … Read the rest