The Stimulus Bill: Who Is Most Likely To Benefit (FPL, VWSF, GE)

Bloomberg has a report out on the companies that are most likely to benefit from the economic stimulus bill. The bill includes both spending and tax breaks for new transmission lines, wind farms and smart meters.

GE has a diversified portfolio of renewable energy initiatives and is expected to benefit from the funding for wind energy, energy efficiency and smart meters. Vestas Wind Systems is also expected to get a large piece of the stimulus pie. The company’s CEO made the following comments regarding the stimulus bill:

The stimulus measure is key to renewing a U.S. renewable- energy market that has been frozen, said Ditlev Engel, chief executive officer of Vestas. The Randers, Denmark-based company is the biggest producer of wind turbines.

“The U.S. market basically came to a standstill after Lehman’s collapse in mid-September, and that affected everybody,” said Engel in an interview yesterday. “A lot of people are now waiting to see exactly what will be in this bill. Hopefully, they’ll say, ‘Now we know what kind of environment we are investing in."

As the largest US-based producer of wind power, Florida’s FPL is also expected to receive a boost from the bill.

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