Trina (TSL) Opens First N. American Warehouse In Oakland

Leave it up to a Chinese company to create jobs on US soil.  I mentioned the Sunpower plans to outsource manufacturing to Jabil Circuit with operations in Mexico earlier.  Trina Solar (TSL), a Chinese solar manufacturer is announcing expansion plans of its own as it continues to push into the US market, but unlike Sunpower, Trina will set up manufacturing in the US at the Port of Oakland this month in order to get product in the hands of US customers quickly. 

"We are pleased to announce the establishment of our first warehouse in North America, which will help to accommodate the growing demand for our products, pursue new relationships and better serve our customers," said Arturo Herrero, Trina Solar’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. "In addition, we view the outlook for PV installations in the United States as positive given the national promotion of a green economy to secure energy independence and create green jobs."

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