Update Released On LDK Solar (LDK) Polysilicon Plant Construction

LDK Solar released an update today describing the progress they have made so far in the construction of their 1000-metric ton polysilicon plant. Expect them to update their 4th quarter production estimates in a separate statement, but here’s where they are as far as building the plant in concerned, according to their press release:

Equipment installation for the 1,000 MT annualized capacity polysilicon plant has been completed and plant process commissioning has commenced. To date, installation has been completed of eight reactors and one converter in the reactor/converter station, and eight distillation/purification columns, heat exchangers and associated piping in the TCS purification station. The 10kV utility power substation, 10kV process power station, and 110kV/10kV switchgear are operational.

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