US Geothermal (HTM): Insider Buying, Bullish Chart

I’ve been going through some green stock charts and came across US Geothermal (HTM), a speculative geothermal play with no profits yet but promising in the geothermal energy space considering the US is expected to double geothermal capacity within 5 years.  On Oct 14th, the company won a DOE grant for its Raft River project in Idaho, which prompted the CEO, COO and CFO to buy shares in the company just a few days later.  Not a lot of shares, but when you see all the executives buying its a good sign.  About two months later the stock more than doubled in price.  Since then the stock has carved out a very bullish wedge formation and the price continues to get squeezed.  That usually indicates a big move is coming and the move is often in the direction of the prevailing trend which is up.  With a director doing some more insider buying on April 1st perhaps this is a stock getting ready to explode higher.

Disclaimer: I currently have no position in HTM.


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