US Geothermal (HTM) Provides Operation Updates

US Geothermal (HTM) has provided updates on its geothermal operations in several locations. 

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Neal Springs

– an injection well has been drilled to 2465 feet and successfully tested
– a 2nd well at 1950 is expected to be completed within a week or two
– a production well at 2350 feet expected to reach production within a couple weeks
– equipment procurement and pipeline fabrication underway to prepare for 30 day reservoir test to begin mid Oct

San Emidio Phase 1

– construction underway on 11.5MW modular plant

San Emideo Phase 2

– exploration and geological mapping underway
– data acquisition expected  to be completed by mid Oct and processing completed by mid Nov
– complete analysis to determine drill targets by year end

Raft River

– $10.2 million DOE cost shared fracturing program continuing on schedule
– construction nearly complete on injection pipeline from unit 1 plant to well rrg-9
– first phase of cold water injection will commence early 2011

Gerlach (HTM owns 60%)

– final planning and drill bid evaluation underway for production well drilling expected to begin in a few weeks
– five separate potential production zones identified but not tested yet
– Gerlach ranked the 3rd best geothermal resource in Nevada by US Geological Survey

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