Vestas Wind (VWSYF) Plant Closure Protests Continue, Company Goes To Court

Employees at the Isle of Wight Vestas Wind (VWSYF) turbine plant continue to protest company plans to close down the plant and eliminate hundreds of jobs due to weak demand and lack of government initiatives to promote green energy.  CEO Ditlev Engel said building wind turbines in Britain was “extremely time-consuming and extremely complicated”.

The goal of the employees is to force the government hand in providing more funding for green energy projects, just as  they have to bailout the financial system.  Tensions have escalated in recent days as management attempts to restrict supplies coming in for the protestors inside the plant while other protestors have now glued themselves together to block the entrance to the offices of energy secretary Ed Miliband. 

Vestas goes to court tomorrow seeking an injunction to evict the workers who have barricaded themselves for over two weeks.


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