Wal-Mart And Sunpower (SPWRA, SPWRB) Team Up To Provide Solar Power To Hanford, CA Store

Wal-Mart and Sunpower announced the completion of Sunpower’s first solar power installation under its contract with Wal-Mart. The project, a 554-KW solar power system,  will produce about 15% of the energy needed to power Wal-Mart’s Hanford, CA store.

Wal-Mart is purchasing solar power from Sunpower and other companies for 22 of its locations in California and Hawaii, reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 7,000 to 8,000 metric tons per year. As part of the project, Sunpower is under contract to provide solar power installations at the following 8 locations: Hanford, Porterville. Chino, Simi Valley, Brea, Orange and Lakewood and Palmdale.

Tom Werner, Sunpower’s CEO, commented on the deal, saying:L

“Companies like Wal-Mart are turning to solar power because it makes good business sense and supports their environmental initiatives. Companies turn to SunPower because we have the most efficient solar technology in the world, and unparalleled experience in delivering high quality solar power installations anywhere and at any scale, from rooftops to parking structures to power plants.”

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