With Or Without German Subsidies, Solar Companies Can’t Keep Up With Demand (FSLR, TSL, STP, YGE)

According to Reuters, demand for solar panels has risen so sharply that industry leader First Solar is unable to keep up. Although First Solar’s business slowed down in the 3rd quarter, it is expected to pick up in the fourth, despite German solar subsidy cuts that are expected to hit July 1.

Reuters quotes First Solar’s Stephan Hansen saying “In 2010 we will not be able to produce enough modules to meet demand.”

Suntech is also sold out, according to a different Reuters report which quotes Chairman Zhengrong Shi:

“We’re all sold out for this year. We’re short of capacity and can’t meet our clients’ needs,” he said.

“We have a backlog in the second quarter. We have a backlog in the third quarter. We haven’t seen any impact from the reduction in German subsidies.”

Trina Solar and Yingli Green Energy have also indicated that they are sold out for 2010.

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