Xcel Energy (XEL) Completes BRIGO Transmission Projects

Xcel Energy just announced the completion of their Buffalo Ridge Incremental Generation Outlet (BRIGO) Transmission Projects, which will increase the company’s ability to distribute wind energy to customers in Minnesota and South Dakota.

The projects involved installing over 50 miles of new transmission lines, and are part of a larger effort by Xcel to upgrade its transmission capabilities in the region. Since 1999, Xcel has increased the systems capacity from 260 megawatts to approximately 1,200 megawatts as of last year.

in a press release, Kent Larson, Xcel Energy vice president of transmission and operating services, commented on the news:

“Xcel Energy delivers more wind power than any utility in the nation and it is critical that we have the capacity to move large amounts of wind energy from where it is abundant to customers throughout the region. The completion of these projects allows us to more efficiently harvest this area’s vital energy resources, and it will also provide more reliable electricity service to our customers.”      

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One thought on “Xcel Energy (XEL) Completes BRIGO Transmission Projects”

  1. The question should be asked – is this more about wind or coal TRANSPORT? And, who pays for the lines – who profits? There are many–including industry experts–who less and less support the enormous and expensive transmission build outs. Take the rather poor example of the Green Power Express (ITC Holdings, Novi Michigan) and Xcel’s CAPX2020. Both boonedoggle projects. Most of us get it past the roar of PR bravado–mostly coal under cloak of wind power destined for EAST SEABOARD: http://pecva.org/anx/index.cfm/1,516,2263,-1,… HOLD ONTO YOUR WALLET – consumer electric bill soon to skyrocket! Say NO to multi-billion dollar new transmission. Power should be local using smart grid systems with the existing grid. Wake up America Central Station concept is dying.

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