American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC) Enters Expanded Alliance With Shanghai Electric Cable Research

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08:21:24 am on March 31, 2009

Shanghai Electric Cable Research and American Superconductor Corporation have expanded their strategic alliance, and Shanghai Electric Cable Research has just placed a new order for high temperature superconductor wire from AMSC. The wire will be used to develop a 30-meter long cable system, with AMSC providing consulting services to assist Shanghai Electric Cable Research.

In a company press release, AMSC Superconductors’ General Manager Dan McGahn commented on the expanded agreement:

“We are pleased that SECRI continues to work together with AMSC to modernize China’s power grid through the use of superconductor technology,” said . “SECRI is one of China’s most respected power cable authorities and is a leader in advanced cable designs and technologies. We both see superconductor cables playing a pivotal role in distributing power in densely populated metropolitan centers such as Shanghai where a premium is placed both on space and power quality.”

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