American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC) Enters Expanded Alliance With Shanghai Electric Cable Research

Shanghai Electric Cable Research and American Superconductor Corporation have expanded their strategic alliance, and Shanghai Electric Cable Research has just placed a new order for high temperature superconductor wire from AMSC. The wire will be used to develop a 30-meter long cable system, with AMSC providing consulting services to assist Shanghai Electric Cable Research.

In a company press release, AMSC Superconductors’ General Manager Dan McGahn commented on the expanded agreement:

“We are pleased that SECRI continues to work together with AMSC to modernize China’s power grid through the use of superconductor technology,” said . “SECRI is one of China’s most respected power cable authorities and is a leader in advanced cable designs and technologies. We both see superconductor cables playing a pivotal role in distributing power in densely populated metropolitan centers such as Shanghai where a premium is placed both on space and power quality.”

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