A Fuel Efficient Hummer? Raser Technologies (RZ) Says Yes

Last week, we reported that Raser was planning to showcase a hybrid SUV at the SAE Conference in Detroit. Now, it seems that not only are they producing an SUV, they are aiming to give an iconic image of American excess and gas-guzzling a "green" makeover. Yes, my friends, Raser is working on  hybrid Hummer. According to MotorAuthority, the hybrid SUV uses the Hummer H2 as a base. However, unlike its fuel-chugging predecessor, this Hummer acts more like a hummingbird when it comes to gasoline. Here’s a more detailed description from MotorAuthority:

According to Raser Technologies, the SUV will make use of their E-REV (Extended-Range Electric Vehicle) powertrain and will be able to drive up to 40 miles per day on pure electricity alone. Once this barrier has been reached, petrol in a small four-cylinder combustion engine connected to the electric motor will generate electricity, much the same way that the Volt does.
Raser Technologies is working in conjunction with powertrain company FEV and its new E-REV is being designed for application in any number of large vehicles, including SUVs and light trucks.
Whether or not the technology will be sold in consumer applications is unclear as many manufacturers are already developing their own electric vehicles, however, Raser Technologies has already inked a contract with Pacific Gas & Electric to supply that company with two E-REV trucks, with a view to purchasing more. Other commercial contracts may follow, especially considering the need for many businesses to run large vehicles in their fleets as well as the need to cut costs and be seen doing environmentally positive things.

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