A-Power (APWR) Will Open Chinese Wind Turbine Production Facility This Month


On January 11, A-Power Energy Generation Systems will inaugurate its first wind turbine production facility. Located in Shenyang, China, the facility can produce up to 1,125MW of wind turbines each year. By opening the facility, A-Power will formally launch its wind turbine production business.

A-Power’s president and CEO, Jinxiang Lu, commented on the occasion:

"We look forward to having our investors join us at this extremely exciting, and historic, event, which marks the full launch of our wind turbine business in China.

"Our wind turbine facility, strategically located in the city of Shenyang, is the largest in China, with total annual production capacity of over 1,125MW of wind turbines, and we intend to sell to both domestic and foreign markets."

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