Advanced Battery Tech (ABAT) and ZAP Sign Lithium Battery Distribution Agreement

It’s being announced this morning that electric car manufacturer ZAP (OTC:ZAAP) will offer extended ranges and more vehicle power by incorporating Advanced Battery Tech’s (ABAT) large-format polymer lithium-ion battery technology.  The company expects to use the technology in its popular line of Zappy3 electric scooters initially, then incorporate into other vehicles later.  The battery may play an important role in ZAP’s extended range pickup, the shuttle van and the Alias roadster, offering better performance while reducing overall weight.

Said Zhiguo Fu, ABAT’s CEO, “We are impressed with ZAP’s grasp of the electric vehicle market and their approach to the design and distribution of affordable electric vehicles. We believe our battery technology will be an important part of their long-term success.”


One thought on “Advanced Battery Tech (ABAT) and ZAP Sign Lithium Battery Distribution Agreement”

  1. This is great news. I remember just a few months ago when these guys were covered and it was speculated whether a ZAP would ever make it on the freeway. They seem to be getting closer to the Alias a lot more quickly than most expected. Which is really good, since we’re gonna need a lower-cost alternative to the tesla roadster. Thanks for linking this.

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