Akeena Solar (AKNS) Announces Completion Of San Francisco’s Largest Commercial Solar Power Installation

Working with Solar Power Partners, Inc, Akeena Solar announced the completion of a 385-kilowatt solar power installation in San Francisco. The system is San Francisco’s largest commercial solar power installation to date. Akeena Solar provided the system itself, and Solar Power Partners developed and financed the project. Solar Power Partners will also operate the system and sell the power it generates to the site owners.

Barry Cinnamon, Akeena Solar’s CEO, commented on the installation:

Akeena is always pushing the envelope, trying to find innovative new ways to help businesses and homeowners go solar. In San Francisco, there are hundreds of warehouses and commercial buildings like these scattered throughout the city, and the potential for solar energy is huge and relatively untapped. Akeena’s Andalay Flat Roof solar system offers these businesses a smart solution to going solar and provide business owners affordable, clean energy that can integrate seamlessly on many buildings’ flat rooftops."

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