American Electric Power Company Incorporated (AEP) Buys 250 MW Of Wind Power

American Electric Power Company has entered in to agreements with 2 separate wind farms to buy a total of 250 MW of wind energy.  The company has signed 3 separate 20 year agreements with 2 different wind farms. In one agreement, the company’s AEP Ohio subsidiary will buy 100.5 MW of wind power from BP Wind Energy’s Benton County, IN farm. In the second agreement, the Indiana Michigan Power subsidiary will buy 50 MW, also from BP Wind Energy. In the third agreement, the company’s Appalachian Power Unit will buy 100.5 MW from a wind farm in Illinois. The financial terms of the deals have not been made public.

Here’s what AEP CEO Michael Morris had to say about the agreements:

"Since we built the first utility-scale wind farm in Texas nearly 14 years ago, AEP has supported the development of renewable generation to help diversify the U.S. electricity generation mix and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have been able to effectively execute our aggressive plan to add 1,000 megawatts of wind energy to serve our customers in just a few years due to the rapid growth in U.S. wind projects.”

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