ITC Holdings Corp (ITC) to Build "Green Power Express"

ITC Holdings Corp, an independent electricity transmission company based in Michigan, wants to build a grid of transmission lines to carry wind-generated electricity to homes across the Midwestern region of the country. The proposed project, which the company is calling the "Green Power Express,"  would consist of 3,000 miles of 756,000-volt transmission lines and would serve up to 3.6 million homes.

ITC Holdings just filed for incentives to help cover the cost of the project from the Federal Energy Regulatory Corporation. If everything goes smoothly, the grid could be online by 2020.

Here’s what Joseph Welch, ITC’s chairman and CEO, had to say about the project:

"A robust transmission system is critical to the nation’s energy solution. The Green Power Express is a portion of a bigger ITC vision of a super-regional, high-voltage transmission backbone."

"It could take up to five years to get to construction on this project, but we could be there in two — if the right regulatory reforms are adopted in the developing energy policy and legislation," Welch said.

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