American Superconductor (AMSC) Gets Order For 100 Sets Of Wind Turbine Electrical Stuff

American Superconductor (AMSC) received an order for a fair amount of stuff this morning.  Stuff, specifically meaning 100 sets of wind turbine electrical components to be used in 2MW turbines by China’s XJ Group power.  The company is ramping up production and now has an annual capacity of 1000MW, making them the 3rd AMSC customer to enter volume production of advanced wind turbines in China.  Considering XJ Group’s parent company State Grid supplies power to 88% of China, not a bad customer to be aligned with.

Said AMSC CEO Dan McGahn, “XJ Group is a highly respected power equipment manufacturer and service provider to the electric utility industry.  They have done an excellent job of quickly entering production of high-quality wind turbines. We believe XJ Group’s manufacturing acumen and strong ties to State Grid, China’s primary grid operator, will enable them to become very successful in the wind industry.”

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