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Commerce Department Imposes Tiny Tariffs On China Solar; YGE, STP, TSL Rallying

News broke not too long ago that the US Department of Commerce has in fact agreed that China is unfairly subsidizing China solar companies which is creating unfair competition and hurting US solar companies.  The reaction?  Tiny tariffs!  I mean these duties are negligible and the reason some of these China solar stocks are rallying in particular Yingli Green Energy (YGE) up over 13%, Suntech Power (STP) up over 7% and Trina Solar (TSL) up … Read the rest

LED Stocks Surging (CREE, AIXG, VECO)– China Will Begin Banning Incandescent Bulbs

This is a potential game changer for LED stocks and could also very well mark the bottom in these beaten down green energy stocks.  This morning China announced it will begin banning the use of incandescent bulbs beginning in less than a year.  They will begin banning imports of 100w bulbs Oct 1, 2012, imports of 60w bulbs Oct 1, 2014 and implement a full ban on all incandescent bulbs by Oct 1st 2016 (although … Read the rest

First Solar (FSLR) Receives Initial Approval For Portion Of 2GW China Project

According to Reuters, First Solar (FSLR) has received China’s approval to start prep work on a 30MW phase of what could be a larger 2GW project over the next decade.  It’s being reported that the company will still have to submit a feasibility study.

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Shares of FSLR are currently trading down about 1% and continue to struggle after reporting earnings.Read the rest

Van Eck Launching Rare Earth Metals ETF (REMX)

Tomorrow a  very interesting ETF begins trading – the Market Vectors Rare Earth Metals ETF (REMX) begins trading on the NYSE.  I first wrote about rare earth metals here over a year ago discussing the shortage of neodymium and China’s role in our push to greener energy. 

Rare earth metals have been all the rage of late and are an important component in electric cars, wind turbines and many consumer electronics.  China is thought to … Read the rest

First Solar (FSLR) Should Give Up On China Strategy

David Phillips of 10Q Detective wrote up a great piece on why First Solar (FSLR) should abandon its China strategy.  The US solar behemoth made headlines a year ago when it announced it would work with the China government and local businesses to develop a massive 2GW solar farm to power up to 3 million homes.

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Phillips suggests FSLR abandon it’s strategy in China … Read the rest

China Govt Concerned About LED Investments Burning Out

The Chinese government has created an environment for big growth in LED manufacturing, but according to officials from MIT they are now concerned that aggressive investment could overheat the industry.  Much of the profit in the LED industry is in the chip production, but China’s focus has been primarily on the packaging side which is far less profitable. The government has been supportive in helping to expand the LED chip manufacturing business by offering subsidies … Read the rest

GT Solar (SOLR) Gets $20 Million Solar Ingot Furnace Deal In China

GT Solar (SOLR) has announced a $20 million order from Jiangxi Sornid Hi-Tech for GT Solar’s GT-DSS450 ingot growth furnaces and ancillary equipment and services.  Revenues are expected to be recognized in future quarters.

SOLR CEO Tom Gutierrez commented on the growth in China, saying, “We are seeing an increase in bookings for our GT-DSS450 furnaces in China as customers begin to add new production capacity to position themselves for the next phase of growth … Read the rest

Euro Tech Holdings (CLWT) Gets $3.8 Million Waste Water Treatment Contract, Shares Surge 10%

Euro Tech Holdings (CLWT) is surging a bit more than 10% this morning and getting back above the $2 buck level on news its subsidiary Yixing PACT was recently awarded a $3.8 million wastewater treatment contract by a Korean stainless steel company.  Yixing will be responsible in designing and installing a 5k cubic meter/day treatment system, a 860 cubic meter/hour direct water cooling system, a 4.5K cubic meters/hour indirect cooling water system, a 50 cubic … Read the rest

American Superconductor (AMSC) Gets Order For 100 Sets Of Wind Turbine Electrical Stuff

American Superconductor (AMSC) received an order for a fair amount of stuff this morning.  Stuff, specifically meaning 100 sets of wind turbine electrical components to be used in 2MW turbines by China’s XJ Group power.  The company is ramping up production and now has an annual capacity of 1000MW, making them the 3rd AMSC customer to enter volume production of advanced wind turbines in China.  Considering XJ Group’s parent company State Grid supplies power … Read the rest

Rino Intl (RINO) Gets $117 Million 10YR Desulphurization Contract, Upgrade to Buy, Shares Up 10%

Rino Intl (RINO) has been hit hard over the past two weeks after a torrid run this year, but is seeing a nice recovery this morning on news the company has landed a $34 million desulphurization construction and $84 million operations contract with Shougang Jingtan Iron & Steel.  The contract includes the design, construction and installation of two Semi-Dry Flue Gas Desulphurization Units which are expected to filter out more than 90% of the sulphur … Read the rest