American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC) Gets Order From Southern California Edison

American Superconductor Corporation just announced that it has received an order from Southern California Edison for its its pad-mounted Distribution Static VAR Compensator (“dSVC”) solution. Southern California Edison will use this product as part of its "Circuit of the Future" project.

Timothy Poor, AMSC’s Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development, commented on the order in a company press release:

“A spin-off from our larger-scale transmission SVC, our dSVC solution allows electric utilities to optimize power delivery directly at the grid’s critical load-serving points by automatically adjusting the reactive power supply in real time to meet their customers’ ever-changing electricity demands. Made possible solely with AMSC’s unique thyristor valve design and proprietary controls technology, the product’s novel pad-mounted construction is a breakthrough in compact SVC design that allows this FACTS technology to be applied outside of substations in areas previously considered impractical, such as underground distribution circuits. We are pleased to have SCE as a first adopter of this unique technology.”

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