Applied Materials (AMAT) Unleashes New Silvia System for TSV Etching

Applied Materials released its brand-new Applied Centura® Silvia™Etch system today. This new system is a step forward for Applied Materials because it allows higher performance silicon etching at a lower cost for through-silicon via (TSV) applications. The Silvia system uses the company’s proprietary time-multiplexed gas modulation (TMGM) process, resulting in a higher silicon etch rate and lower operating costs.

Ellie Yieh, Applied Materials’ VP of the Etch and Cleans Business Unit, explained why the new system represents a breakthrough for Applied Materials and their customers:

“Via etch is a key process in TSV fabrication where multiple etch steps can represent a significant portion of the total cost; therefore we have focused on providing a system that overcomes the traditional etch rate/profile tradeoff while significantly lowering the cost of ownership,” said Ellie Yieh, vice president and general manager of Applied Materials’ Etch and Cleans Business Unit. “The Silvia system is a natural extension of our long-standing leadership in deep trench silicon etch – with an installed base of more than 200 chambers. Delivering high productivity, cost-efficient TSV etch, the Sylvia system enables high quality, low cost, volume manufacturing for both wafer fabs and packaging houses.”

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