Applied Materials May Enter Solid State Lighting Business (AMAT)

Applied Materials wants to light up your life. Currently, the company is known for its expertise in solar energy and semiconductor technology. However, they are moving toward expanding their business to include solid state lighting, such as LED lights for the home, Annette Finsterbusch, a partner with Applied Ventures, explained at a renewable energy conference held at Rice University on Thursday.  Although the move is still in the preliminary stages, the company has taken the following steps toward including solid state lighting as a line of business, according to an article written by Stacy Higganbotham of

Last year, Applied Ventures, participated in a funding round for Group IV Semiconductor, which makes solid state lighting on silicon — the same material most semiconductors are made on. In addition to the funding, Applied has offered to help Group IV develop a process for placing its light-emitting films on silicon wafers, which plays to Applied’s thin firm and chip equipment expertise.

Applied is also participating in the lighting industry through the European Organic Phosphorescent lights for Applications in the Lighting market 2008 Program. The organization aims to develop an OLED production technology capable of achieving the cost target of a few euro cents per square centimeter for a white OLED device. Members of the consortia include Aixtron, Osram, Philips and

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