House Extends Solar, Wind, Green Energy Tax Credits..

The is reporting that there are rumors that the House has also voted to extend the tax credits for solar, wind and other renewable energies… Remember the Senate passed the bill a few days ago.  I’ll have an update soon.

Update: The story is out on Reuters now.  The House measure is similar to the Senate bill that has passed with an exception.. it leaves out incentives to develop oil from shale and tar sands and for projects to turn coal into liquids.  Considering the way our government has been able to work together recently (or not work together) it will be a miracle if the bill gets to the White House and approved before the elections.. All in all, good news for the green energy sector though.

Another Update: The White House has threatened to veto the House bill, but supports the Senate Bill which includes languange protecting many Americans from having to pay higher alternative minumum tax.. looks like an extension of renewable energy tax credits is dead in the water until at least after the elections.  Our ineffective, agree to disagree government on display yet again.

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