Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Deere & Company (DE) And Monsanto (MON) To Collaborate On Recycling Corn Wastes For Energy

Archer Daniels Midland, Deere and Company, and Monsanto are collaborating to look for ways to use corn stover in animal feed and as a source of biomass for energy production. Stover consists of the leaves, stalk and cob of the corn. These waste products are usually left on the field to fertilize the soil and prevent erosion, but these companies believe they can increase the value of this material so that farmers can produce more products without the need for additional land. One area that the companies plan to address in their research is exactly how much stover needs to be left in the field to fertilize and protect the soil.

Dr. Todd Werpy, the Vice President of Research at ADM, released the following statement about the new partnership:

"As the world’s population grows, so will demand for food and energy. Using non-food feedstocks for feed and energy is one way that agriculture can apply innovation to create renewable, sustainable solutions. There are a number of challenges associated with harvest, collection and storage of cellulosic biomass. This collaborative effort brings together three agricultural leaders to identify and address the complexities that come with commercializing a new feedstock."

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