Army Testing Quantum Fuel Systems (QTWW) CERV Vehicle

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies (QTWW) announced today that the U.S. Army displayed and provided over 700 test-drives of Quantum Technology’s Clandestine Extended Range Vehicle ("CERV") at the Army’s All American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas.  The “CERV”, using Quantum’s Q-Force hybrid drive system,  is an electric hybrid vehicle designed for recon, rescue and targeting missions and is able to climb 60% grades and ford nearly 3ft of water all while using up to 25% less fuel than traditional vehicles.

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The All American Bowl is one of the biggest ARMY recruiting events which highlights the ARMY’s leadership and opportunities and showcases the ARMY’s most advanced technologies to the public.  The event features numerous technologies from robotics, electric tactical vehicles, to flight simulators and many more innovations. According to the ARMY, Quantum’s next generation hybrid electric military vehicle CERV was one of the main attractions at this event.

Shares of QTWW (currently trading as QTWWD) continue to struggle and reaching new lows today.  The stock should continue to be avoided for now, but may soon offer a compelling long term entry point.

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