Ascent Solar’s (ASTI) Monolithically Interconnected CIGS Module Is Bigger Than Yours

Ascent Solar just announced that they have manufactured a flexible, lightweight monolithically interconnected CIGS solar module on a polyimide substrate that is 5 meters long.  This is the longest monolithically interconnected CIGS module ever manufactured. It was created using equipment that is being tested for use in the 30MW manufacturing facility that Ascent Solar is currently constructing. When tested, it produced 123 watts of power at 9.1% aperture area efficiency.

In a press release, Ascent Solar Sr. Vice President for Production Operations Dr. Prem Nath commented on the achievement:

This is the largest monolithically interconnected CIGS module on polyimide and may be the largest of any CIGS module regardless of construction. The size and efficiency of this module make it a breakthrough for the emerging opportunities of flexible CIGS photovoltaic modules.”:

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