Auriga Provides Updates On JKS, SOL, LDK, YGE, STP

Auriga is out with a research note on select stocks today and remains generally bullish on the sector.  They indicate that industry fundamentals remain strong both in terms of pricing and volume.  Q1 volumes are strong and sold out in some cases as pricing remains firm while the 2nd half of 2011 warrants cautious optimism rather than pessimism.  Here are notes on some individual names.

Jinko Solar (JKS):  Sees upside to current estimates as shipments and pricing appears slightly better than previous estimates.  Hold rating.

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Renesola (SOL): Believes prior company guidance is too low given the strength in the solar market and sees the company issuing strong guidance for Q4 on its next conference call.

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LDK Solar (LDK): Isn’t as bullish as some analysts on the news that the company landed a $9 billion financing agreement with China Development Bank and still believes the company will need to dilute with an equity offering to meet cash flow needs.  They indicate that based on discussions with several Chinese solar executives, the company won’t be able to easily tap into the financing.

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Yingli Green Energy (YGE):  Believes the company may announce more rapid expansion plans for 2011, possible doubling capacity.  Investors may question the move considering the company has $600 million in cash and may need to raise capital with an equity offering.

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Suntech Power (STP): Still Neutral on the stock with no compelling reason to buy or sell at this level.  Auriga indicates that their sophisticated Pluto technology remains bogged down in the module manufacturing stage and that it may need more automation during the process which means more expenditures.

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