Bloom Energy’s Bloom Box Buzz

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07:38:07 pm on February 23, 2010

Bloom Energy’s Bloom Box is generating all kinds of buzz after being featured on 60 Minutes on Sunday (video below).  The company will publicly launch the Bloom Box fuel cell technology tomorrow which has wild rumors swirling that the company will have an IPO soon.  I completely agree with Nick Hodge over at that IPO rumors are completely ridiculous.. at least anytime soon.  Perhaps if this company had created the Bloom Box during the IPO mania of the roaring late 90’s, then yes an IPO may be on the horizon.  This aint the 90’s.

Times have changed for IPO’s.  It’s highly unusual to see a company with unproven technology and no profits come to the public market.  Keep in mind, this is a company that has burned through several hundred million dollars and as Nick pointed out, the proper paperwork hasn’t been filed.  I think the more likely story is for a larger company to buy them out, but whatever happens, it’s an interesting story and a company worth watching. 

The company has installed test fuel cell units at big firms such as Walmart, Staples, Ebay, Google and FedEx and will continue the media blitz tomorrow at Ebay HQ.  Backing the firm is famed venture capitalist John Doerr who was an early investor in Netscape, Amazon, Ebay, and Google.  Colin Powell sits on the board.  Now 60 Minutes.  So now the pressure will be on for Bloom Energy to refine its fuel cell product and get the cost down to where the average household can afford one in their basements.  If the last 10 years is any indication (remember when fuel cells were touted as planet saving wonders?), there is much reason for skepticism.  I wish them the best and if they do miraculously IPO, we’ll begin the coverage day in and day out here at Green Stocks Central.


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remember back in the day, NUCLEAR POWER was going to be so cheap we would give it away??? I am sure Bloom will do well but I dont think its the second coming of a new wheel for free nor ROI


Let’s see… it uses a fossil fuel (Natural Gas) and this is a new and differnt thing versus what we currently do, in what way again??? I missed something! What about that peak-oil/gas thing?

In my mind if if you cannot produce power from air, water, dirt, or light, you are emmiting vast amounts of urine directly into a strong head wind.


The end to waste and combustion…
Sounds like a no brainer…

I love how the skeptics all talk about how secretive the company was.

If they had not kept it a secret it would have been squashed a long time ago. This is going to rock the fossil fuel boat.


I’m a twenty year old male and i’ve been waiting on a good stock to invest in since the markets have been a diaster these past two years. I think Bloom Energy will be the way to go as soon as they drop an IPO. I really hope they do. The skeptics do not know what they are talking about.

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