Comverge (COMV) Chosen As Pennsylvania’s New Demand Response Partner

Comverge just announced that it has been chosen to provide demand response services as part of a  new partnership with the state of Pennsylvania. Comverge was chosen using a competitive bidding process to help the state with its demand response pilot system. The program is starting with four government building this summer. If it’s a success, all government buildings in Pennsylvania, including schools, hospitals, jails and prisons, will eventually be given the chance to participate.

In a press release, George Hunt, Comverge Senior Vice President of Sales, commented on the program:

“This partnership will be a key element in the movement toward Smart Grid reliability and sustainability that will benefit all those residing or doing business within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This initiative of the Pennsylvania Department of General Services speaks directly to several factors that will only grow in importance over the coming years. Reduction of energy consumption and its carbon footprint as well as improved grid reliability are focal points directly addressed by the Commonwealth in this partnership. The Commonwealth and the Department of General Services should be commended for its innovation and forward thinking, especially at a time when we need creative energy solutions the most.”


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