Comverge (COMV) Completes Energy Efficiency Project In Times Square

Comverge, Inc, just completed an energy-efficient lighting project in Times Square. The project involved replacing the lighting system in the Times Square Arts Center at the request of the property owner. As a result of the project, the building is expected to use 190,000 fewer kilowatt hours of energy per year, keeping more than 200,000 pounds of CO2 out of the environment. This should save the owners a nice chunk of change: an extra $35,000 each year, which they have earmarked for community investment. 

Robert M Chiste, Comverge’s president, chairman and CEO, commented on the results:

"Times Square has been undergoing a significant transformation for many years. As the renovation continues, it is refreshing to see the leaders of the revitalization take proactive steps to make Times Square environmentally friendly. We commend the owners of the Times Square Arts Center on this project, and hope other property owners throughout Manhattan will see that cost-effect energy efficiency analysis and low disruption replacement of less efficient lighting systems can have a positive and immediate impact, not only on their bottom line but also on the environment."

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