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Ameresco (AMRC) Beats, Guides About In Line, But Shares Suffer

Ameresco (AMRC) reported earnings results this morning that beat analyst estimates but traders were clearly looking for more from the company with shares off 10% in early trading.  The company reported and EPS of .17/share on revenues of $179 million which was ahead of the analyst estimates for .15/share on revenues of $153 million.  I suppose traders are selling the stock after a big run because the EPS number was significantly below the year ago

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Trex (TREX) Beats With Strong Results

Trex (TREX), reported a strong quarter this morning reporting a Q2 non GAAP) EPS of $1.07 vs the analyst estimate of $0.59. Revenue for the quarter was $115.5 million, vs the estimate of $110.22 million.  This is a company that is about as seasonal as they come, so it doesn’t make sense to compare sequential results.  Quarter over quarter, the EPS number represented a more than 100% increase and on the revenue side about a … Read the rest

General Electric (GE) & Venture Partners Announce $200 Million Green Energy Pledge With Ecomagination Challenge

General Electric (GE) along with some leading venture capital partners such as Kleiner Perkins, announced today a $200 million contest which seeks to accelerate the advancement of the smart grid and other green energy solutions.  The “GE Ecomagination Challenge: Powering the Grid”, invites technologists, entrepreneurs and start ups to share their best ideas.

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Canaccord Adams Presents Its Best Green Stocks Ideas For Earth Day (NLC, RBCN, NCS)

Canaccord Adams provides a few of its best green stock ideas to celebrate Earth Day.  Great investments in companies that are leading the green energy revolution.  Hat tip to Street Insider for the Canaccord comments.

Their water scarcity pick is Nalco (NLC) and they maintain their Buy rating.  “NLC capitalizes on climate change and water scarcity. We find Nalco fundamentally undervalued given powerful long-term secular global growth drivers including climate change and water scarcity. With … Read the rest

Top 10 Green Stocks Under $10 (New For 2010)

With the explosion in the popularity of anything “green” including stocks, comes the unscrupulous, the frauds and the spammers.  Certainly the stock market industry is littered with .. to be perfectly frank.. crap.  Part of the goal in creating  was to not only keep you up to speed with all the latest news in the world of green stocks along with highlighting the best opportunities, but to steer you in the direction of top … Read the rest

Dow Chemical’s (DOW) PowerHouse Solar Shingles Debut Next Year.. A $5 Billion Product?

Dow Chemical’s (DOW) PowerHouse solar shingles may be coming to a home near you.  The announcement of efficient, affordable, and easily-installed solar rooftop shingles has shaken the building and solar industries quite a bit, as the company itself revels in the expectation of around $5 billion in revenues by 2015 for the single product alone. Dow received a $20 million grant from the United States Department of Energy for development on the project and will … Read the rest

Profit From The COP15 UN Climate Change Conference

In just a few weeks on December 7th, a secret meeting of world leaders takes place that will undoubtedly go a long way in shaping how we live our lives. .. from the kinds of cars we drive, to how many hours we can run hot water, to how much we pay in electricity bills each month.  The COP15 Climate Change conference in Denmark will provide extraordinary profit opportunities in what venture capitalist firm Kleiner … Read the rest

GE CEO Immelt & John Doerr: "US Falling Behind On Green Energy"

Yesterday in the Washington Post, General Electric (GE) CEO Jeff Immelt and famed venture capitalist John Doerr wrote an op ed piece highlighting the failure of the US to take the lead in green energy and the emergence of China as the leader.

Some interesting facts:

– China cars are 35% more fuel efficient
– they spend 10x what the US does as a % of GDP on green energy
– China on track to … Read the rest

Trex (TWP) Blows It Out On EPS, But Issues Soft Guidance

Trex (TWP) reported a strong quarter, posting an EPS of .49 vs the analyst estimate of .20, good for an 81% bump over the year ago quarter.  Revenues came in about 8% higher than expectations at 91.5 million but were off a bit from the year ago quarter.  As we’ve seen with so many companies this quarter, they’re beating handily on the EPS side through cost cutting but the revenue growth is still quite soft. … Read the rest

Green Energy Highlights of Johnson Controls (JCI) Earnings

Johnson Controls (JCI), a conglomerate involved in lithium battery production and building efficiency reported mixed earnings this morning posting an EPS 1 cent better than expectations at a loss of .16 share (it’s the 2nd straight quarter of losses) on revenues of 6.3 billion vs the consensus of 6.93 billion.

Here are some highlights regarding the  green energy segments of its business:

Building Efficiency

– Excluding currency fluctuation, building efficiency sales were down 2% to … Read the rest