Cree Introduces Water Resistant LEDs For Outdoor Video Screens

Cree Inc (CREE) has been on fire over the past several months and clearly emerging as a leader in the LED space.  Today they announced the first commercially available water resistant LEDs for outdoor video screens.  Previously, LED’s screens had to be protected from the elements, costing customers time and money so the encapsulation at the LED level is a big improvement.  The red-green-blue LED has an IPx5 rating indicating it’s protected from low pressure water streams from all directions (yes, that’s a fancy way of saying it’s protecting from rain storms).  Cree worked on the displays with Displ’aire of Rohnert Park, California which are available now. 

“Cree’s involvement started with us early in our development cycle, and they provided the support we needed to rapidly deploy our new technologies,” says the firm’s CEO Leo Stearns. “Displ’aire portable, daylight-visible displays and the new water-resistant Cree LEDs are a perfect technology match for creating brighter, more efficient displays that can better stand up to the elements.”

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