EnerDel (HEV) And ITOCHU Demonstrate Automotive-to-Smart Grid Integration Project

EnerDel is working with ITOCHU and other companies on an automotive-to-smart-grid integration project, components of which were demonstrated for the public at a ceremony yesterday. The project combines electric vehicles (in this case, a Mazda2 modified to use EnerDel batteries and drivetrain components from the Think electric car), stationary grid storage, solar power and rapid re-charging infrastructure in a real-world environment. For example, the charging station, located at a Family Mart convenience store Japan , features solar power generating systems, high-speed recharging stations, a smart-card billing system, terminals for remote battery monitoring while the car is charging, discharging, wear data, and a stationary battery array used to move energy to and from the electric grid.

The battery array uses EnerDel batteries that are no longer suitable for use in vehicles, and shows how they can still be useful when integrated into a smart grid system. This is important because it demonstrates an opportunity to create a secondary market for these batteries, reducing both EV-related costs and waste.

In a press release, Charles Gassenheimer, Chairman and CEO of EnerDel parent company Ener1, Inc, commented on the project:

“The integration of rapid charging, smart grid and electric vehicles is a crucial step in the transition to clean, efficient, low-carbon energy and transportation systems, and something that countries all over the world are moving toward. This project also demonstrates how critical a secondary-use strategy is in unlocking economic value that becomes a key driver for the EV battery industry.”

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