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EnerDel (HEV) And ITOCHU Demonstrate Automotive-to-Smart Grid Integration Project

EnerDel is working with ITOCHU and other companies on an automotive-to-smart-grid integration project, components of which were demonstrated for the public at a ceremony yesterday. The project combines electric vehicles (in this case, a Mazda2 modified to use EnerDel batteries and drivetrain components from the Think electric car), stationary grid storage, solar power and rapid re-charging infrastructure in a real-world environment. For example, the charging station, located at a Family Mart convenience store Japan , … Read the rest

Enerdel (HEV) Will Supply Batteries For Japanese Electric Bus Demo

Enerdel just announced that they have been selected to supply batteries for a Japanese electric bus.  The bus, which will be Japan’s first electric bus powered by lithium-ion batteries, was converted by Tokyo R&D on behalf of Hokuriku Electric Power Company, and is part of Enerdel’s “Green Crossover Town”  collaboration with ITOCHU Corporation.  The bus will begin providing transportation in the city of Toyama.

In a press release, Naoki Ota, Chief Operating Officer for EnerDel, … Read the rest

Enerdel (HEV) Will Invest $237 Million In Indiana Battery Plant

Enerdel, a subsidiary of Ener1, just announced that they will be investing $237 million in their new battery plant in Indiana, according to this press release . Backed with a mix of private funds and public incentives, the plant will enable Enerdel to meet anticipated demand for its batteries. It will also more than double Enerdel’s production capacity, allowing Enerdel to produce enough batteries to power 600,000 hybrids or 60,000 electric cars. Private incentives received … Read the rest

EnerDel (HEV) And ITOCHU Collaborate On Another Smart Grid Battery Storage Project

EnerDel just announced that it will be collaborating with ITOCHU Corporation on another smart grid battery storage project, this time for a major Tokyo apartment building. The system will link renewable, high speed charging outlets for electric cars with the power grid, and is the second such project the two companies have undertaken together. 

The apartment building is new-residents are scheduled to start moving in in 2011. ITOCHU plans to build the grid storage systems, … Read the rest

Ener1 (HEV) Plunges After Discussions With Fisker Break Down

Back in May we reported that Fisker was in talks with EnerDel to discuss the possibility of using their lithium batteries, but apparently those talks have now ended.  The two companies signed a letter of intent for a potential long term deal that was contingent upon reliability and performance testing, so this is certainly a blow to EnerDel and the stock is down 17% on the news.  The company will still be the supplier for … Read the rest

EnerDel (HEV) To Participate In Tokyo Smart Grid Project

It’s being announced  this morning that EnerDel (HEV) has participated in a Tokyo smart grid project scheduled to come online in a few months.  The project involves several companies from around the world including EnerDel, Mazda and Itochu Corp (EnerDel’s sales/marketing partner in Japan and long time investor) and aims to construct a complete smart grid marrying the components of electric vehicles and solar power. 

EnerDel has outfitted Mazda vehicles with its lithium batteries along … Read the rest

EnerDel (HEV) To Develop Battery For Hybrid Humvee

Enerdel, a a subsidiary of Ener1, just announced that they have received a contract from the Army worth $1.29 million to develop improved lithium-ion battery packs for the hybrid Humvee. Under the contract, EnerDel will work with the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) to create 4 different power systems using two different battery chemistries.

In a company press release, EnerDel’s president Rick Stanley commented on the contract: 

“This is … Read the rest

Ener1 (HEV) And Volvo Team Up For Volvo C30 Battery Electric Vehicle

The new Volvo C30 Electric Vehicle, the love child of Volvo and Ener1’s subsidiary EnerDel, will be making its debut in Gothenburg, Sweden today. The C30 is a zero emission electric car bmeant for city commuters. It has a 95 mile range between charges, so it can meet the needs of more than 90 percent of European commuters. The lithium-ion battery is made in the USA by Enerdel. 

In a press release, Ulrik Grape, President … Read the rest

Ener1 (HEV) And Nissan Working Together For Research

Ener1 just announced that its subsidiary, Enerdel, will be working with Nissan to research a new type of electrical conductive material. The material will be used to make better batteries for hybrids. The companies will research a new type of electrolyte at the Argonne National Laboratory.

In a press release, Ener1 executives commented on the project:

“This project is about continuing the evolution of a critical technology,” said Charles Gassenheimer, CEO and Chairman of … Read the rest

EnerDel (HEV) Gets $3.3 Million DOE Contract For Lithium Battery Research

EnerDel (HEV) has been awarded a $3.3 million contract by the Dept of Energy research for better safety and performance of lithium batteries.  The research, to be conducted jointly with Argonne National Laboratories, will be funded under the DOE’s Vehicle Technologies Program and aim to eliminate the overcharging of batteries at the chemical level.  EnerDel and Argonne have worked together in the past, receiving the Excellence in Technology Transfer award for their lithium-titanate chemistry. … Read the rest