Energy Focus (EFOI) Gets Additional $.5 Million From Navy For LED Lights

Energy Focus, Inc just announced that it has been given a SBIR extension grant by DARPA to develop and produce LED lights for the US Navy. The LEDs will be designed to replace 50 and 110 Watt water tight incandescent fixtures now being used on Navy ships.

In a press release, Roger Buelow, Energy Focus CTO, commented on the grant:

“The SSL lights developed under this grant will save a significant amount of energy and maintenance. As an example, using only 26 watts, a new LED fixture saves 76% (or 84W) over the incandescent fixture it replaces. In addition, we fully expect that bulb replacement will become a thing of the past with the LEDs’ projected lifetime of up to 50,000 hours or more.”

“With the addition of this $0.5 million grant, the Department of Defense has now awarded Energy Focus $1.9 million to develop energy efficient LED lighting for the US Navy. We are both proud and pleased to be selected to make a difference in the future of lighting for the United States military,” said Joe Kaveski, Energy Focus CEO. “We pledge, too, that Energy Focus’ incandescent replacement LED technology will go beyond military applications, saving energy for the country as a whole in broad commercial applications providing energy efficient, mercury-free, long-life alternatives to the incandescent bulbs which the US is phasing out beginning in 2012.”

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