Energy Focus (EFOI) Receives $1.6 Million In Grants For LED Lighting

Energy Focus (EFOI) has received 3 grants totaling $1.6 million  this morning for its LED lighting solutions.  The R&D team won two Phase 2 Small Biz Innovation Research awards from the Defense Research Projects Agency and one Phase 1 Small Biz Technology Transfer grant from NASA

EFOI CTO Roger Buelow provided more details on the awards saying, “We’re excited about the two additional awards from DARPA continuing our longstanding relationship. The STTR award is particularly exciting since it’s the first grant we’ve received from NASA. The first DARPA award, for the development of explosion-proof lights for shipboard use, also covers advanced driver development. These lights will be able to qualify for Class 1 Division 1 explosion proof standards for civilian use, which opens up a significant new market for Energy Focus. The second DARPA award is for development of circadian rhythm enhanced lights for the Navy. These lights adjust their spectrum throughout the day to improve sleep patterns and productivity. For the military, this is especially important for warfighters whose duties include 24-hour operational readiness. The third award, from NASA, is to replace existing test stand and parking lot fixtures with high performance LED lighting including high performance explosion-proof lights.”

Shares of EFOI aren’t currently moving on the news.

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