Energy Focus, Inc (EFOI) Gets $1.4 Million Navy Contract

Energy Focus, Inc just announced that it has signed a $1.4 million contract with the US Navy. Under the contract, Energy Focus will develop, produce and supply LED lighting fixtures to be used on Virginia Class attack submarines. The lights will replace existing fluorescent tube lights used in submarines and must meet strict standards set by the Navy.

In a press release, executives from Energy Focus commented on the contract:

“We feel confident that the new fixtures will not only meet but exceed military requirements given the extensive development and testing of the base technology we’ve already done at sea under DARPA sponsorship over the past three years,” commented Roger Buelow, Energy Focus CTO.

“Energy Focus’ selection, while not only making a difference in the future of lighting for the United States military, is a great example of a military program making a difference in the future of lighting for our nation,” said Joe Kaveski, CEO. “We expect that Energy Focus’ Solid State Optical Delivery technology will find application far beyond the military to provide energy efficient, mercury-free, long-life alternatives to fluorescent bulbs in commercial applications.”

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