Ener1 (HEV) And Nissan Working Together For Research

Ener1 just announced that its subsidiary, Enerdel, will be working with Nissan to research a new type of electrical conductive material. The material will be used to make better batteries for hybrids. The companies will research a new type of electrolyte at the Argonne National Laboratory.

In a press release, Ener1 executives commented on the project:

“This project is about continuing the evolution of a critical technology,” said Charles Gassenheimer, CEO and Chairman of EnerDel, parent company Ener1, Inc. (Nasdaq: HEV). “Nissan is one of the leading companies driving the electric vehicle market today. Over 12 months of discussions on this effort, our management and technical teams have had a tremendous opportunity to get know one another. We are looking forward to successful realization of this project’s important goals.”

“We are pleased to pursue another breakthrough technology working with the leading national lab in the U.S. for transportation and one of the world’s most technologically innovative car companies,” said EnerDel Chief Operating Officer Naoki Ota. “This is an opportunity to make a major new contribution to the future of electric drive in the U.S. and to forge a closer relationship with a major global car maker.”

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