Enernoc (ENOC) Gets Demand Response Deal With Vermont’s Green Mountain Power

Enernoc (ENOC), an emerging leader in demand response networks, has signed a deal with one of Vermont’s largest electric utilities, Green Mountain Power allowing its customers to save on energy costs by reducing their energy usage during peak demand.  Customers currently enrolled in Green Power’s demand response system will be rolled into EnerNOC’s system and the two companies will work together to add more commercial, institutional and industrial customers to the demand response network.  Companies  that are able to quickly reduce their consumption by 100kw when notified are eligible for the program.

“We’re very excited to work with Green Mountain Power and its customers,” said Gregg Dixon, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at EnerNOC. “EnerNOC’s extensive experience working with businesses throughout New England — including those in industries that are the lifeblood of the Vermont economy, such as lumber, food-processing, and hospitality — enables us to develop customized energy reduction strategies, deliver reliable demand response results, and provide an overall increase in energy awareness for end-use customers.”

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