ENN Awards Applied Materials (AMAT) 5-Year Contract

Applied Materials just announced that it has been awarded a 5-year contract by ENN Solar Energy Co., Ltd. Under the contract, Applied Materials will provide maintenance, spare parts management, and analytical services for the Applied SunFab™ Thin Film Line at ENN’s solar plant in Langfang, China. Applied Material’s expertise will help ENN obtain optimum performance and the best possible output from the line.

In a press release, representatives from both companies commented on the news:

“ENN sees joining with Applied Global Services as a powerful strategy to optimize the return on our investment in our SunFab line,” said Dr. Rick Wan, General Manager of ENN Solar. “This agreement will allow us to replace much of our fixed cost infrastructure with a variable alternative that can flex as the market changes. This flexibility will free us to focus on successfully delivering high-performance, low-cost modules to our customers, helping them win in the marketplace.”

“We believe the combination of the revolutionary SunFab Thin Film Line and SunFab Performance Service delivers the fastest path to the lowest cost-per-watt and maximized megawatt output,” said Charlie Pappis, vice president and general manager of Applied Global Services. “The fact that all of our SunFab customers producing modules have selected SunFab Performance Service for ongoing support is a strong testament to the value proposition we offer.”

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