Exelon’s ComEd (EXC) Has The Nation’s 7th Largest Fleet Of Green Vehicles

A new report from GreenBiz.com and Automotive Fleet Magazine shows that ComEd, a unit of Exelon Corporation, has the nation’s seventh largest fleet of green vehicles. Among other utility companies, ComEd comes in second only to PG & E. ComEd’s fleet, which consists of 2,168 vehicles, reduces the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 4.200 Metric tons annually. Terence Donnelly, ComEd senior vice president of Transmission & Distribution, commented on the report in a press release:

"ComEd is proud to be a national leader in implementing smart business changes that promote a cleaner, more sustainable environment. With a customer base spread across 11,000 square miles, transportation is critical to our business, and environmental changes start with ourselves."

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