First Solar (FSLR) Gets Financing For Germany’s Largest Solar Energy Plant

It appears the credit markets are opening up a bit with several financing announcements made recently (although mostly out of China).  First Solar (FSLR) and Juwi Holding AG have announced today they have secured financing for a 53MW plant in Germany that began in January and is expected to completed by the end of the year.  This project is the ultimate “clean” energy project that not only provides solar energy power, displacing 35K tons of CO2 emissions every year, but it also removes hazardous munitions from the Cold War era training site in Brandenburg.  Once completed the solar energy plant will consist of about 700K FSLR modules, is expected to be the largest in Germany, the 2nd largest worldwide and will produce enough power for about 14K homes.

“First Solar’s mission is to enable a world powered by clean, affordable solar electricity,” said Stephan Hansen, managing director, First Solar GmbH. “This project alone is expected to displace approximately 35,000 tons of C02 emissions a year. But we are particularly proud of this project because it adds an additional element to ‘clean.’ Not only will the project produce clean electricity, but it will also result in the removal of hazardous munitions from this project site.”

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