San Jose Selects Echelon (ELON) Technology For LED Streetlight Initiative

Echelon’s (ELON) LonWorks technology will be used in California’s first smart streetlight project in San Jose which is part of the City’s Green Vision.  The plan calls for a transformation of San Jose into an epicenter of clean technology and innovation in order to promote green energy and limit energy use.

125 streetlights will be converted to use LED and will be controlled with Echelon’s power line networking technology and segment controllers, improving quality, decreasing light pollution and providing increased safety.  San Jose is seeking funds from the stimulus package to kick start the replacement of all 65K streetlights by 2022, reducing energy use by 40%.

“San Jose is working to show the world that environmental responsibility makes financial sense. By transforming our streetlights, we help innovators create new industries and reduce the City’s own operating and maintenance costs,” said Chuck Reed, Mayor of the City of San Jose. “San Jose companies lead the world in clean tech innovation, in areas as diverse as solar and smart grid technology, alternative fuels, efficient lighting and energy monitoring systems innovation. We are delighted to partner with Echelon, a San Jose headquartered, world-class smart grid technology company.”

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