Flowserve (FLS) And Linde Group Partner To Deliver Natural Gas Refueling Systems To Europe

Flowserve and Linde Group announced they will be embarking on a joint venture to supply European customers with the revolutionary iKompressor refueling system for natural gas-powered automobiles. The iKompressor uses an ionic liquid piston instead of a solid piston, reducing moving parts and increasing the amount of time between required maintenance visits from 1,000 hours to 10,000 hours. Also, a water-cooled jacket around compression cylinders keeps gas compression at a constant temperature, increasing energy efficiency.  This innovation can reduce energy costs by 20%.

Under the terms of the agreement between the two companies, at least 70 of the units will be delivered to European customers in 2009. Flowserve will manufacture the units, while Linde Group provides technology, ionic liquid, and research and development.

Dr. Also Belloni, a member of the executive board at Linde Group, commented on the deal:

"The demand for alternative fuels continues to increase. In order to meet customer needs, the iKompressor is designed to deliver the critical element to deliver reliable, safe service at compressed natural gas and biogas refueling systems. We are glad to team up with Flowserve in this promising joint venture and bring in our longtime technology expertise in the further development and environmentally friendly use of both fossil and alternative fuels. This joint venture is another example how Linde technology contributes to preserve our environment and to boost alternative fuels."

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