FPL Group, Inc. (FPL) To Set Up Solar-Powered City

Do you want to live in a carbon-neutral city? There’s no longer any need to move to Masdar City in Dubai to make that dream a reality. FPL Group, Inc, just announced that it will work together with Kitson & Partners, a real estate investment firm, to build a carbon-neutral, zero-waste city right here in the USA. The city, which will be called Babcock Ranch and located in Florida, will be powered by a 75-MW solar installation provided by FPL.

In a News-Press.com article, Eric Silagy, FPL’s Chief Development Officer, commented on the plans:

This is a terrific opportunity for Southwest Florida to showcase its innovation," said Eric Silagy, chief development officer with FPL.

He believes Gov. Charlie Crist’s support for alternative energy could help FPL get the project under way by the end of the year.

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