Fuel Systems Solutions’ (FSYS) Subsidiary IMPCO Expands

Fuel Systems Solutions just announced that it has expanded the engine building capabilities of its subsidiary, IMPCO. Improvements to IMPCO’s manufacturing facility in Sterling Heights, MI will allow the company to support Fuel Systems Solutions’ new next generation direct injection industrial fuel system, which is compliant with 2010 emissions standards.

Richard Nielsen, IMPCO’s general manager, commented on the improvements at the plant:

"Our industry and demand for our products is driven by many factors including investment and broader economic cycles. Emissions regulation and an increasing commitment to a healthier work environment are also key drivers of our industry, we believe even more so than energy prices, including crude oil, which are outside of our control and impossible to predict. We will continue to invest in our core business, even during periods of economic slowdown, and take the steps necessary to help our customers be more efficient. Our enhanced engine building capabilities allow us to do just that."

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