General Electric (GE) To Increase Wind Turbine Deliveries To China

Although GE may deliver 14 percent fewer wind turbines worldwide in 2009, deliveries to China are up. GE says that its Chinese deliveries will double for the next two years as China’s wind market expands by leaps and bounds. From, here are more details and comments from GE leadership:

Shipments will jump to 320 this year from 159 in 2008, and double again to 600 in 2010, Steve Fludder, head of GE’s environmental product campaign, said in an interview in Beijing.

China, the fifth-largest producer of wind power, may buoy GE’s renewable-energy sales after larger markets in the U.S. and Europe were hurt by the global credit crunch, Fludder said. The country may triple wind power capacity after increasing it to more than 10 gigawatts last year, the official Xinhua News Agency reported on Jan. 15.

Wind projects in China are “basically funded on the state’s balance sheet,” Fludder said Feb. 20. The credit crunch had a “huge impact” on U.S. and European demand as private funding for new projects dried up, he said.

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