Green Stocks Central Begins Coverage of Sensata Technologies (ST)

The green stocks universe continues to grow and I’m pleased to announce that we’ll begin coverage of three new green stock plays – one an LED play, another a speculative biofuels play and the other, a parts player in the solar and CNG vehicle industries.  The first I want to highlight is Sensata Technologies (ST).  The others in posts to follow..

sensata_technologies_ipo  Sensata Technologies (ST): Sensata debuted with its IPO on March 11th and has seen bullish trading action since.  The stock consolidated for a couple weeks than broke out above 19, quickly running to 21.  The breakout above 19 offered the first entry point.  I’m looking to get in on a return to around the 19 level.  Considering there are no articles published about Sensata over at Seeking Alpha, it’s a nice “off the radar” IPO.

Sensata is a former subsidiary of Texas Instruments and they make specialized sensors that go into all kinds of products including solar panels and alternative fuel CNG vehicles.  This is a company that is by no means a green stock pure play, so getting into the stock as a CNG or solar play is a mistake, but we’ll be highlighting any news related to their green technologies in the coming years.  For the solar industry they provide high voltage switches and for the CNG industry they provide pressure sensors.  For now, Sensata won’t be added to any of the tracking pages, but we’ll certainly cover any news related to their solar and CNG biz. 

Financially, Sensata has been through rough times, posting big losses in the years 2006 – 2009.   However, the IPO proceeds will be used to pay off debt and the dramatically improved auto industry is leading to better roads ahead.  The company is expected to post a record profit this year and build on that with 16% growth in 2011. Click Here For More Sensata Technologies Analysis.

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